You will soon be shouting out: Land oh!

And you will discover the lovelanders territories.
That is much more than a new concept and a business opportunity.

The Kingdom Joy

The land where love is in fashion. An open environment, provocative, modern and cosmopolitan, where seduction is no longer a luxury, but is part of everyday life. A land of games, knowing laughter, sweet punishment and informal outfits. A place for adventure and where you can turn your fantasies into a reality… If you dare.

The Enchanted PARADISE

The territory of TOKA is the territory of the natural, the free, the primitive: it is the territory of nature in its purest state, where the essence of life is found. All the characters are connected to their environment. They form part of something bigger. Men and women live together in a natural way, direct, loving or respectful, enjoying the simple pleasures of sex.

The Garden of MADNESS

Land of tireless conquerors. The garden of madness is the territory of the seducers, the outlaws, the Casanovas… A place that attracts women by immersing them in a journey of madness and pleasure… A world of fun and games: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Land of MEN

The territory of the masculine. An obligatory date for adventurers and explorers, where they will always find what they are searching for, without too many questions, without long explanations… just as it should be.

Can´t wait to be a lovelander ?

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